Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 5.1.15-

1. I’m a little obsessed with this whole Capsule Wardrobe idea by Caroline at Un-Fancy!! You take a minimalist approach to trimming down your entire wardrobe to 37 pieces. Seems like not enough clothes but I know I do not actually use many more items than that in my general wardrobe. I have more clothes than that, but I don’t actually wear them… I stick to almost a uniform of the same outfit with varying pieces. I’d be willing to try this!!

2. This vegan leather tote is amazing! It’s big, perfect for a trip to the park, and (bonus!) it’s reversible! I bought it in the cognac color which flips to an pretty aqua, making it definitely worth the purchase!

3. Sakara Life posted this Almond Milk Iced Latte to their Instagram page. My mouth is literally watering just looking at it. I have a feeling I will be indulging in some creamy almond milk lattes this weekend thanks to them!

4. I’ve been toying with how I can grow my herb garden indoors– I think the shallow bowl planter would look perfect in my kitchen. All the herbs in the one pot together- it looks fun and like a little fairy garden!

5. This is a pretty cool invention. A nail piece that slips on your thumb and links to your device, so you can be working with your hands, while still scrolling through pages on your iPad, or drawing on your tablet. I’m not overly tech-y but this is pretty cool!

6. Check out this huge yoga event!! The Lole White Tour is hitting cities all over the planet and hosting huge yoga flows with the participants dressed in all white and with famous yoga gurus! Central Park will be hosting our New York event on September 2nd. This is so cool!

Enjoy this beautiful weekend weather!!


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